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Don’t Let Uncertainty Drive You!

Reviewing your auto policy could be the most valuable gift you give yourself. “Full Coverage” does not mean you are fully protected!

Review Your Car Insurance Policy Today!

  • Who is insured – All household licensed drivers should be listed as named or additional drivers. Also, some insurance companies ask for the names of ALL adults of driving age who live with you. Look carefully at the application or renewals when getting/updating coverage. Failing to properly disclose everyone who meets the requested criteria could mean that your insurer later denies coverage if an undisclosed resident relative needs the coverage. When minor children reach driving age, be sure to add them on to your policy. The same applies if you have a friend/relative/nanny/caretaker who moves in and regularly drives your car. Failure to properly disclose all possible drivers to your insurance company can lead to denials in the event the insurer never accepted the risk of that person being in your household/driving your vehicle.
  • The types of coverage you have elected – “Full Coverage” does not mean you are fully protected! It only means your car will get paid for by your own insurance company in the event of an accident. It does not cover injuries or medical expenses. Investigating the coverages mentioned above, and making sure you have good (high) limits for Bodily Injury (Liability), Uninsured/Underinsured and PIP/Medpay coverages is the only way to protect you/your family/passengers from the unknown.

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