Our attorneys are well-versed in construction disputes, lien resolution, and payment disputes, having represented general contractors and subcontractors for many years. We handle matters related to construction contracts, contract disputes, and contract collections, ensuring that our clients understand their legal rights to collect payments owed to them for labor, equipment, or materials. As part of this process, we keep our clients informed of important statutory deadlines affecting their rights to collect payments or assert claims against adverse parties in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia courts. Our experience representing contractors and subcontractors in this arena gives us added insight when representing property owners on the other side of such disputes.

Our attorneys are also well-versed in various formal and informal dispute resolution strategies, including binding arbitration and voluntary arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, and mediation. Many clients seek to avoid formal court litigation, and our attorneys are adept at guiding such clients in evaluating and navigating alternatives to litigation within federal courts and state courts.

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