Stein Sperling’s criminal law attorneys regularly defend clients who face charges related to the distribution, sale, use, or possession of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, ecstasy, prescription drugs and others. Our wealth of experience in this area of law enables us to advise clients on all facets of their cases, including issues of unreasonable search and seizure. By working closely with clients, our goals are to help them clearly understand the allegations and the evidence in their cases and to develop strategies that lead to the best possible outcomes for them and their families.

Whether our clients are facing charges related to the distribution and sale of illicit substances, the use or possession of drugs or related paraphernalia or other misconduct, we aggressively defend their rights. As former state prosecutors, our department’s leadership can often anticipate strategies used by current prosecutors and law enforcement in clients’ cases. This allows us to proactively address issues of defense, rehabilitation and mitigation of sentencing.

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