Stein Sperling attorneys are experienced advisors and advocates in the process of estate administration (known as “probate”) and trust administration. Understanding that this is often an emotional and unfamiliar process, we counsel and defend fiduciaries throughout. This ensures that our clients can confidently and efficiently comply with their legal responsibilities.

We help fiduciaries to administer the will and/or trust, to determine the forms and timing of distributions, whether in-kind or cash, and to follow administrative and legal filing requirements for deeds, transfer documents and estate tax returns. Our attorneys are experienced advisors to fiduciaries as they collect, inventory and appraise assets; comply with tax filings; make tax selections; satisfy creditors and pay bills; and transfer assets to properly identified legatees and beneficiaries.

If, during this process, conflicts arise between fiduciaries and beneficiaries, or there is an estate tax audit, our estates and trusts attorneys partner with the firm’s experienced litigators or tax attorneys to resolve them.

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