Stein Sperling’s criminal law attorneys are aggressive advocates for clients facing serious criminal charges. With over 45 years of experience arguing high-profile cases in state and federal criminal courts, including representing minors before juvenile courts and juvenile authorities, we provide statewide representation for adults and juveniles charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.

We have considerable experience representing clients charged with felony crimes against persons, including murder, rape, manslaughter and robbery, as well as those charged with felony crimes against property, including larceny, arson and burglary. Stein Sperling’s criminal law team also regularly defends clients charged with misdemeanor crimes such as simple assault, theft, trespassing, destruction of property, conspiracy, perjury, professional misconduct (by public officials) and disorderly conduct, including resisting arrest. In addition, our attorneys have defended clients charged with sexual offenses, including child abuse and child pornography.

Because serious criminal charges can have devastating short- and long-term effects on a person, as well as his or her family, we apply compassion and discretion to every phase of each criminal matter we handle. Our attorneys help ensure that clients understand their rights and receive every possible protection available under the law, including the pursuit of expungement and coram nobis on behalf of clients seeking to purge their records of past charges.

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