Stein Sperling is well-versed in negotiating, structuring and implementing commercial transactions such as acquisitions (stock and asset), mergers (stock, cash, etc.), tender offers (hostile and friendly), corporate spin-offs and leveraged buyouts. As our clients’ businesses expand and contract, we approach each transaction with their financial considerations and long-term strategic plans in mind.

When our clients buy or sell part or all of an entity, we advise and assist them with due diligence, including sales and supply agreements, relevant contracts, research and development agreements, licensing, franchising, distribution and indemnifications and negotiating representations and warranties. Our attorneys also advise clients on transfers of technology and intellectual property, as well as trademarks, copyrights and licenses. With regard to acquisition financing, we can recommend an approach best suited to the transaction considering the benefits and risks involved. Options include bank or institutional loans, venture capital and angel investment. Our attorneys work extensively with private equity investors as well as institutional lenders and lender groups. Attorneys in our real estate department are available to assist with lease transactions, as well as estoppels, consents and waivers as needed.

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