Drawing on years of experience representing clients in state and federal grand jury proceedings, Stein Sperling’s criminal law attorney’s assists clients charged with financial crimes, including tax evasion, embezzlement and fraud, as well as with computer and internet crimes. Our clients range from corporate CEOs to management-level or support staff employees, and these cases are often highly complex, involving numerous witnesses and financial documents. Regardless of the charges our clients face in white collar matters, we work closely with each to formulate strategies that effectively present his or her case to the prosecution or the court. Our goal is to minimize any negative impact these charges can have on family and professional relationships.

If a state or federal grand jury subpoenas our client, we do our best to determine the reason he or she has been called — usually as a target or a witness — and advise the client accordingly. This may mean counseling them to invoke their Fifth Amendment rights or seek immunity based on their testimony. In every case, we use our team’s extensive prosecutorial experience to evaluate potential risks and benefits to our clients’ participation in grand jury proceedings.

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