October 24th, 2017

Does My Immigration Status Matter When I Have Been the Victim in a Collision?

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Author: Rebekah N. Bautista

Car Damaged After Collision

If you are an immigrant in the United States, you have rights to pursue a claim for personal injuries sustained as a result of another’s negligence, regardless of your legal status.

Many times when reporting and pursuing a personal injury claim you may be asked for your social security number. This question many times deters claimants who may not have a social security number. To file and pursue a claim for personal injuries you are not required to present a social security number, you may provide an individual tax identification number, commonly known as an ITIN, or you may state that you do not have one. The reason insurance companies ask for a social security number is to confirm you are not a recipient of Medicare health insurance.  They also research your claims history, if any, using your social security number, if you have one.  However, giving social security number information, if any, to an insurance company is not a pre-requisite for being able to present your claim.

Another concern you may have is court appearances if your case can not be settled. You are entitled to your day in court for compensation on pain and suffering due to another’s negligence, regardless of your legal status. Knowing your legal rights, no matter what your status, can help you receive fair compensation if you have been in an accident.