Stein Sperling guides clients through the development of planning solutions that build strong foundations for their lives and post-death. These solutions help our clients prepare for the distribution of their property and other assets while avoiding unnecessary state and federal taxes such as income, inheritance, estate, gift and transfer taxes to which estates and trusts may be subject. These strategies also protect our clients should they be rendered incapacitated and shield assets from future claims by creditors.

During this introductory phase of estate planning, our attorneys assist clients in creating a will, one that often includes an optional revocable trust. We customize these documents to address a client’s anticipated needs as well as their personal estate planning goals. Our attorneys draft medical directives (including living wills) to protect a client’s wishes at a time of disability or incapacity, and guide clients through the often difficult process of selecting appropriate financial and medical agents. In addition, Stein Sperling offers counsel in the selection of beneficiaries for life insurance policies, retirement accounts and other assets as well as the most appropriate method of holding title to various assets.

To ensure their estate plans remain current and relevant, we encourage our clients to meet with us periodically to review and update their estate planning documents. Throughout the process, our attorneys remain sensitive to a client’s personal values and religious beliefs as they relate to difficult end-of-life planning.