Stein Sperling’s tax attorneys provide federal and state tax planning services for businesses and individuals. Our goal is to protect our clients’ assets by taking full advantage of deductions, credits and losses that reduce their tax burden. So that we may tailor our advice, we get to know our clients and their strategic objectives thoroughly and then assist them in constructing comprehensive tax plans that comply with federal and state laws.

We help business owners as they choose, and occasionally alter, appropriate entity types for their businesses and as they structure and document their businesses’ organization. This process involves a multitude of tax considerations that may affect the short- and long-term success of a business. Our attorneys regularly assist owners as they address critical issues associated with forming, restructuring, transferring interests in, merging, converting and dissolving their businesses. We guide them through tax deferral and recapture planning, redemption transactions, and, when necessary, the tax components of bankruptcy and insolvency processes.

In addition, we assist larger businesses in complying with the mandatory tax provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and smaller businesses in understanding the tax credits available to them for expanding insurance coverage.

Our attorneys often work with clients’ accountants, money managers and insurance professionals, as well as our own estates and trusts department, to minimize income and estate tax liability.