Stein Sperling regularly assists individual and business clients whose tax disputes cannot be resolved administratively. We represent them in Tax Court, Federal District Court, the U.S. Court of Claims, or Bankruptcy Court for ultimate resolution of the tax dispute. While the vast majority of civil matters are resolved during the examination or appeals process, ongoing factual and/or legal disputes or inflexible administrative responses, will occasionally force a tax matter to litigation. Our tax attorneys have tried cases in each of these forums and vigorously represent clients whose settlement efforts have failed.

Working closely with the firm’s criminal law department, our tax attorneys are able to assist businesses and individuals who may face or are encountering a criminal investigation related to taxes, as these matters require the combined talents and experiences of both practice areas. In such cases, we work to question the factual basis for potential prosecution, to cast doubt on the legal sufficiency of a prospective action and/or to encourage civil resolution as more appropriate.

David De Jong, Tax Law