June 30th, 2020

Andrew Schwartz Speaks on PPP Loan Forgiveness & Legal Considerations as Employees Return to Work

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Covid Employment Interview

Business attorney Andrew Schwartz joined The Small Business Network and Montgomery Community Media for a recorded presentation on “Payroll Protection Plan: Your Loan Forgiveness Questions Answered!”

The presentation covers a range of topics, including answers to FAQs:

  • Where do I apply for loan forgiveness?
  • How does loan forgiveness work?
  • Can I rehire employees that were laid off or put on furlough?
  • Are bonuses/hazard pay permitted?
  • What impact will a reduction in employees’ salary or wages have on the loan forgiveness amount?
  • Are forgiven PPP funds taxable?
  • What happens to a portion of PPP loan funds that aren’t forgiven?
  • What are legal considerations employers may face as employees return to the office?