Stein Sperling’s injury law team handles cases where general negligence has caused serious injuries. General negligence refers to the absence of proper or reasonable care extended toward another person. In other words, an individual fails to observe the necessary diligence required of him or her. We have years of experience focusing solely on the personal injury arena and thoroughly investigate each case before advising clients of their legal rights and remedies.

Our attorneys are also knowledgeable and experienced in handling burn injury. Burns are injuries to skin and bodily tissue caused by heat or radiation, chemicals or electricity. Thermal burns, the most common type, result from fires, vehicle accidents and heating and electrical malfunctions. An increasingly prevalent form of thermal burn, with which our attorneys have ample experience, results from laser skin treatments. Clients injured during a laser treatment have sought our help to obtain compensation for permanent, and often devastating, irreparable injuries. Other types of burns with which we can assist clients include chemical burns, usually caused by tissue exposure to strong acids or alkali, and electrical burns, which result from electrical currents running through the body from an external source.