Stein Sperling’s injury law attorneys have a long history of handling cases where a wrongful death has occurred due to reckless or negligent actions by another person or business. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the family members who are understandably devastated at the tragic loss of their loved one. Who will help pay the bills for care required before that person died? Who will help the family pay their living expenses now that they have lost the financial, domestic and emotional support of that person? Our attorneys regularly help clients answer these very important questions while explaining how their legal rights apply to each unique case.

After the death of a loved one, hospitals, ambulance providers and debt collectors frequently contact family members to recover money owed. Our injury law team helps clients understand these outstanding financial obligations, which may or may not be their responsibility to pay. We also explain how certain surviving family members may be eligible for monetary compensation to cover medical expenses incurred by their loved one prior to their death, as well as for funeral expenses.

Fred Balkin and Ivonne Lindley Injury Law Wheaton

Wrongful death cases may entitle surviving family members to recover monetary damages because of the accident. Such damages are paid to certain family members depending on their relationship to the decedent. Because legal and insurance processes involved in these cases can be overwhelming and challenging, especially since laws can vary between states, our attorneys help clients understand the proceedings and their individual rights therein.

In handling a client’s wrongful death claim, Stein Sperling’s injury law attorneys work closely with our Estates and Trusts department to ensure that a proper entity (an Estate) is set up for certain assets, which may be recovered when a loved one dies. This is an important step, and our extensive experience in estate planning enables our clients to explore their options without the need for outside counsel.