February 23rd, 2023

Darla McClure Talks Employment Law and Marijuana Legalization With The Daily Record

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Employment law attorney Darla McClure was quoted in a recent article by The Daily Record on the employer’s perspective of Maryland’s recent marijuana legislation entitled “Employers may need to change employee policies with new marijuana law”.

Darla discussed how Maryland’s legalization of the use of recreational marijuana does not change how employers handle drug testing. She summarized that employers are still permitted to test for marijuana and refuse to hire a candidate or terminate an employee that tests positive. The federal illegality of marijuana allows employers to continue testing for marijuana.  

Darla advised the reporter that employers can take measures in the months leading up to the new law. She is quoted as cautioning employers “… from taking an adverse action against employees by virtue of the fact that they have a medical marijuana card as I believe Maryland will soon look towards enacting similar laws that are currently in other jurisdictions that prohibit such conduct.”