July 1st, 2021

Minimum Wage Increases As Of July 1, 2021

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Author: Darla J. McClure

Notice of Montgomery County Wage Increase

As of July 1, 2021, Montgomery County’s minimum wage will increase as part of the annual adjustments set out in County Code 27-68. The amount of the increase will depend on the size of the employer.

  • For large employers, defined as those with 51 or more employees, the new minimum wage rate is $15;
  • For mid-sized employers, generally defined as those with between 11 and 50 employees, the rate is $14
  • For small employers with 10 or fewer employees, the rate is $13.50

Employees under the age of 18 working 20 hours or less per week are exempt from the minimum wage rate but must be paid at least 85% of the state minimum wage which is currently $11.75 per hour for large employers and $11.60 for small employers (i.e. those with less than 15 employees).

Washington, D.C., also has a minimum wage increase on July 1. Businesses in D.C. will see the rate increase to $15.20 for all workers, regardless of the size of the employer. Additionally, the base wage for tipped employees will increase to $5.05.

If you have any questions about the new rates or compliance, contact one of our employment law attorneys.