October 21st, 2019

Divorce: Keeping Children In The Family Home

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Author: Monica Garcia Harms

The Family Home

When parents decide to separate or divorce, the income that supported one household won’t support two. Families must prioritize. One of the first large expenses to evaluate is the family home. Should it be sold now, a few years from now, or can one spouse afford to retain ownership? The children’s best interests must be factored into this decision.

The need to maintain consistency and stability for the children is paramount during divorce or separation. The family home can offer a sense of stability. This is why a custodial parent may request to continue residing in the home with the children for a period of time following the divorce. The court considers a number of factors here, including:

  • How old are the children and how long have they lived in the family home?
  • What is their connection to the neighborhood?
  • What financial impact does keeping the family home have?
  • What are the alternative housing opportunities?

It is important to consult with a knowledgeable attorney when contemplating separation or divorce. The early decisions you make will have long-term effects on your children and your finances.